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Refrigerant Gases and Legislation      

• Most air conditioning systems contain refrigerant gases which have over the years become much more energy efficient  and less harmful to the environment


• Many older units contain a refrigerant called R22. Since the end of 2014 the sale and use of R22 is prohibited by law.


• Currently as long as the R22 is contained within the system then it is lawful to continue to use these older units.


• If the R22 leaks from the system then the system is redundant and has to be scrapped. Any remaining gas can only be reclaimed by an F-Gas certified company and disposed of by an Environment Agency registered company such as First Air UK Ltd.



• New systems contain gases such as R407C, R410A, and more recently R32


• A compulsory annual refrigerant gas leak test must be carried out on most air conditioning systems. First Air UK include this automatically as part of any annual maintenance agreement.


• First Air UK Ltd would be happy to advise clients on current refrigerant legislation and their responsibilities as end users.


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